Elysian, or a study in disappointment

After deciding that Seattle needed to be our next target, I enlisted the help of two beer aficionados (Ian & Galen), and we made our way up towards Elysian. What a terrible, horrible mistake that was.

(Disclaimer: Beer reviews may be colored by the absolutely horrible service. Or maybe it was just not good beer).

We ordered flights of five tasters, the first time I'd ever wished a flight had less beer on it. Having previously tried their Dragonstooth Oatmeal Stout (and loved it), I was hoping to try some true-to-form porters or innovative winter ales. Please see the color of the beer below for an idea on how that went. (I guess you could call serving a "Mexican Lager" in the winter season 'innovation').

Suspects #1, #2, #3, #4, & #5

Suspects #1, #2, #3, #4, & #5


Mortis: A Sour Persimmon (pronounced 'permission', by our brew/fruit-savvy server) Ale, allegedly brewed with the eponymous fruit. As far as beers in that genre go, it doesn't rival some of what I've tried at Cascade, but it could have been worse (think Jolly Ranchers).

Bifrost: Rather pale in color, this Winter Ale is the sort of concoction that a brewer in the Carribean would come up for to keep warm in the winter. It had some spices in it, earning an "It's OK I guess!" from Ian, and a "That's from Game of Thrones, right?" from a decidedly off-track Galen.

Squash: This beer actually had a nice nose, and the taste was alright. It did have a little bit of that "butternut-squash fresh from the oven" taste, although it has a lot more of that "this is boring and 4-5oz is too much" taste. I gave it an "Alright" because the bar was so low by then.

 Hill: This beer had some pretty decent spices to it, and was my highlight of the quintuplet. Although, in the words of Galen, it was "still not a good beer".

Hombre: Finally, the crème de la crème.  It first reveals itself with a delicious, old-empty-bottle-of-Tecate bouquet, and then promptly continues its single-file parade of disappointment all the way down to your belly, which is confused at why you ordered a Dos Equis. 

Seriously though, what on Earth, Elysian. I've had such genuinely good beers from you before, and this was really sub-par. It would still been a good experience if your wait staff had been half-way nice, instead of dismissing our questions about the beers, avoiding eye contact, and not even knowing what was on tap. One server said that you were "out of the IPA", and another said that your tasting tray was going to be a mix of "porters and stouts because that's all we have right now".