Five for Flighting

Still suffering from PET (Post-Elysian Trauma), we made our less than-merry way to the Pyramid Alehouse, and things got weird really quickly.

We felt warm and fuzzy and happy - people were laughing, rich mahogany was everywhere, and everything was permeated with the essence of a baby's giggle mixed with hot chocolate. The servers smiled, made recommendations, and boy did they deliver. We had a delicious fiver that truly made our night.



Nitro IPA: So good that I ordered another one. Smooth, 'chillin', the nitrogen really brought out the mellow yet tangy character of the beer, and, in the words of our delightful server "created beautiful lattice-work" (see below). So good that Galen and I each ordered a pint of it before finishing the taster.

Brown Porter: My first impression was how overwhelmingly "brown" it tasted. A little light for a porter, but it was delightful nonetheless. The kind of beer you'd want at 5pm on an autumn day if you needed a break before getting a lot more done with your life.

Uproar: Named after its effect on insulin manufacturers, this syrupy, rasberry-y, chocolatey brew captivates your attention. I was very pleased that this came towards the middle of the flight, as it certainly reset my palate for the upcoming brew.

ESB: My only note in my little notebook is that "it's an ESB". My favorite kinds of beers generally fall into two categories; wildly innovative, and true-to-form. This did a great job in the latter category, setting the foundations of respect and trust necessary for a long and fruitful relationship.

Solstice Imperial Porter: The name alone should say everything; a royal, strong beer that makes the sun stand still. However, my notes describe it as "2 much Pilsner 4 me", an alphanumerical plea for something different. This may also have to do with how great the beers before it were. Pyramid, your beers are too good, staahp.

(Evening highlight: Galen's inability to ask the server: "On a scale of Clint Eastwood to Adam Sandler, how cheesy are the tots?")