Half My Age, Plus Seven

Galen, Ian, and I visited The Pike Brewing Co., a wonderful, eclectic little brewpub smack-dab in the madness of Seattle's Pike Place. With so much to sample (see picture below), my waning ability to wax long limited itself to rating the beers in a sentence or less. Lightening round time - these are the actual quotes lifted from my notes.

Photo credit: Galen

Photo credit: Galen

 Pike's Naughty Nelly: "Buttery & Bad"

Pale Ale: "So Boring"

IPA: "(So true-to-form that I wrote) If you opened a dictionary, and it got you drunk.."

Kilt Lifter: "I don't know why I love it"

XXXXX: "Yes, I have had stouts before"

Pike's Monk's Brew: "This tastes like ant farts"

Space Needle: "Too floral to handle"

Old Bawdy: "(Pre-tasting) I am not gonna like this (Post-tasting) This is the best barley wine I've ever had, blurrghhhhhh" 

Pike Auld Aquaintance: "You're a spicy beer, stupid" (I'm assuming I was calling one of my co-tasters stupid, not conversing with a liquid)

Octopus Ink: "Wow, wow, wow"

Gift of the Magi (by the Lost Abbey): "Thank you Magi for the Gift of Life/I hope they do returns"

Santa's Little Helper: "Expect a Barley Wine. Lower expectations. Heighten taste."


Lesson learned: High pressure, high volume tasting scenarios require extensive prep and potentially a transcriber.