Drought Begat Draught

For in the desert a passion was renewed/ And the oft thirst was quenched. - The Bible.

After a month-long hiatus of drinking aniseed liquor, delicious wine, and Lebanon's valiant yet growing microbrewery, I returned to the Promised Land. New coast, new beers. Casting prudence aside, I chose the most offensive of brands my local CVS Pharmacy offered, and gee wiz. Gee. Wiz.


Flying Dog: Raging Bitch, aside from being the lesser-known sequel to Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon, is everything I wanted to start my year off right. It's hoppy and strong, kicking you right where an IPA should, but it manages to bring a zesty fruitiness to it - somewhere between apricots and nectarines - but not in a disgusting way (I'm looking at you, Blue Dawg Brewery).

So thank you, CVS, for hiding this little 8.4% delight betwixt your Blue Moons and Blue Moon Winterwhatever.

Mmmmmmmmm, cheers,