Drizzle Drizzle Drip Drip Coffee Milk Stout Stout

Well, it's cold and wet now. Time to flip the beer switch. It's warmth and comfort time!

Today we savor Stone's Coffee Milk Stout - the name alone should be words enough. This is a beer modeled after a latte - and at about a quarter the price of your regular Starbucks offering, maybe you're starting your day wrong?


This beer doesn't produce much of a head. It's dark, but not too opaque - I'm not scared of it. It's pleasantly carbonated, and spreads a very pleasant, light coffee flavor all over your palate. Unlike a lot of coffee beers I've had, this one doesn't over-texture, over-bitter the flavor profile - which might have something to do with the fact that it's a milk stout. I'm really enjoying the slightly chalky elements of this beer.

Drip drip.

If you do alter your routine, remember that this oen will have other effects before you get overcaffeinated.