Hop for Freedom

This review may somewhat break the mold in that I'm consuming the beer stragiht out of the can, and the words are coming straight to you. Je m'enfous (sp.?). We're drinking Evil Twin Brewing's Hipster Ale, an American Pale Ale straight out of Connecticut. I remember reading a long New York Times article about ETB's founder and his twin brother - time to finally put the beer where my mouth is.

Whether or not this beer has phenomenal head retention is TBD - but I will say that the carbonation in this beer tastes slightly different. The beer has a little bit more of a viscous texture than I was expecting, but it's actually turning out very nicely. I would imagine that the 'American' third of the name is a direct reference to the quantity of American hops invested in this beer. There is a very pleasant residual bitterness that I often only get from beers like Ninkasi's Total Domination or some double IPA's - but this balance between bitter and ethereal takes place at a calmer level. This beer is on the higher ABV end of the sessionable spectrum, but I would have at it all day if I had the chance/liver.

Final shoutout to the awesome can. I really enjoy the design motif of this sort of can - it must be really difficult to have labeling that distinguishes itself when you're on a beer shelf, but Evil Twin really sold it with this color palette.