Today's beer is Deschutes Brewery's 'Armory XPA', an 'experimental pale ale'. As a long-time guinea pig, I thought this beer would be right up my alley.

The beer is slightly cloudy, and pours with a really thick head. I'm big fan of the beer's col on my pour - it definitely entices some of the flavors described on the bottle. I was hoping (no pun intended) for a little more pine-y bitterness to come out of the hops, but it's definitely more citrus-y and sweet than I would have wanted. I can, however, tell that the residual bitterness keeps me wanting another sip.

This is exactly what I want from a beer on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks, Deschutes! Also shoutout for managing to distribute to 21 states as an independent brewery. I'm not pointing fingers, but if I were, I'd point all ten of them.