Plagiarizing: On The Wings Of Armageddon

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Sometimes we come across a beer so good it goes beyond words. We had the honor of trying DC Brau's 'On The Wings Of Armageddon, and we couldn't have been happier. What an amazing beer. The following review should be read to the tune of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven


DC Brau makes sure all that bubbles is gold,

Flying On The Wings Of Armageddon.

When you taste it you know,  all your tastebuds go ‘whoa’

With a sip you can get what you came for.

Ooh, ooh, and you’re Flying On The Wings Of Armageddon.

There's a pretty decent head and its getting thicker yet

‘Cause you know their brewmasters ain’t kidding.

Hints of fruit in its breath, there's some guava that calls,

Holy crap I can’t wait to taste this.

Ooh, it makes me thirsty (x2)


There are feelings I get when I drink of the best,

And wow does this perfectly qualify.

In my glass I can see rings of latticework following me,

And the calling to finish this glass.

Ooh, it makes me thirsty,

Ooh, it really makes me thirsty.

And it’s getting mellow soon, those bitter hops are smooth,

And the mouthfeel balances I am so happy.

And a new beer will come for those with the foresight to buy a sixer,

And the garbage will be full of cans.

If there’s initially overpowering hops, don't be alarmed now,

It's just the calling card of an American Double IPA.

Yes, this is categorized as a DIPA, acronyms alarm ya

There’s a label for everything now

And it makes me thirsty.

If you have more than 3 of these you’ll get a hangover, don’t you know,

Those cans are calling their friends to join them,

Dear reader, if you can find this beer in your local area, then you should know

You’ll be flying On The Wings Of Armageddon

And as we savor amazing beer

Brewmasters sculptures on our walls

There is a double IPA we all know

Who shines kinda amber and wants to show

How everything still turns to gold.

And yes that is a urine joke

This beer ends way too fast

When all the rest are one and this one is all you want

To be in a can and not all gone.

And you’re Flying On The Wings Of Armageddon.