Welcome to Bourbon County

The fine proprietors of the Bracket Room were nice enough to gift me with a bottle of Bourbon County Brand Stout, a beer made by Goose Island out of Chicago. At 14.9% ABV, I decided to suspend piloting any motor vehicles after cracking this one open. Whoa mama.

I had a really good time drinking this beer. The head is really thin with little bubbles that devilishly move around. You know that it's out to get you. Just check out the gif to the right. They're out to get me. The beer itself smells like a you're sticking your head inside a partially empty barrel of bourbon, with tobacco and horse saddles ridden with sweaty denim. It burns the nostrils. I'm excited.

The mouthfeel was actually surprisingly light, for a beer that looks so overwhelmingly dark and scary. The devilish bubbles felt like little flecks of black pepper bursting upon contact with my taste buds. It tastes like leather, bourbon (duh), and pepper, but I have to say that the alcohol content negated any strong flavors, so it ended up being a surprisingly mild - still D-lish - taste.

All in all, I actually have no idea how this beer is so light. All appearances and numbers point to the contrary; but it turned out to be a really balanced, mild beer for how strong it is. I like it, kinda.