Wise Utah Beer

Today's beer is Epic Brewing's Utah Sage Saison, Release #12, one of 'only a few thousand beers' ever released. I feel lucky and you should be jealous.

This beer pours with a beautifully thick head. Just absolutely gorgeous. Wafty thick bubbles fly up through a amber, cloudy, happy beer. Now that the head has settled, it's just a patchy quarter of what it was, but seems to have become significantly denser.

It smells like a yeasty, yummy spice rack. Cardamon, saffron, sage, allspice, all the spices you could ever want. I'm actually going to take a moment here to show you how the head is doing it's own ying yang thing. Take a gander at dat ying yang thang.

This mouthfeel is exactly what I wanted it to be. Oh boy let me tell you. It's creamy and rich while being light and not overwhelming. It's smoother than water. Even once it's gone, the spices still bite the tip of my tongue. Is that thyme I taste? 

Overall, a beautifully well balanced beer. Well done, brava, I could be ok moving to Salt Lake City. Maybe.