Roguetegrity 5sq

This is for the rebels out there. The fighters. The yeast that doesn't quit. 

This is for the activist who has his day in court. The fool proved right. The little bubble that turns into a big bubble by the time it gets to the top as evidenced by this GIF. 

If you've ever fought for something you love, you'll understand.

If you've ever tasted a pale ale and thought 'man I love the aromas in this beer but I wish it had more flavor to it' or 'I'm not really sure if this is a pale ale or a blonde but it's pretty good' then you'll understand.

If you've ever stood up when someone told you to sit down, or if you've ever distinctly tasted grain and really enjoyed the texture, you'll understand.

Remember that when you're being put down, the laws of physics demand that you soar up. Remember that when you hide your beer in a metallic gray bottle, people are going to really want to know what's in it and it's definitely an interesting bottle design choice. Remember that if you want to dream, you shouldn't have too much beer because alcohol for some reason stops you from remembering your dreams. 

This beer's decent, but there are plenty of beers I'd order first.