Honey Fayre

Hold ye corgi's leash and listen to the tales

Of a prissy wee beer from Wales

Honey Fayre, they wrote

Big head, little smell, I note

Weaker beers don't have less taste

And I certainly won't let this go to waste

Heavily carbonated, slightly intoxicated

Un-American, infrequently hydrogenated

For a brew so fair

It makes it hard to stare

Through the lightly biting ale

That the elves drink in Rivendale

Yes that's a LOTR reference

Welshisms are far from my preference

Of things to read, or things to drink

I wouldn't advise you to drink this, I think

Because you'll probably never find it

And if you did, don't buy it

There are worse, but not that many

So please don't waste your penny

Exotic beers aren't that uncommon

So get this into your noggin

This beer scores poorly

And I drink it sorely

/drops the mike, Welsh crowd boos, so do English majors/