And a little something for Daddy (I'm sorry)

With Father's Day only days (weeks? months?) away, I decided to purchase Rogue's Dad's Little Helper Black IPA. The man on a the bottle, presumably the father of an equally thick-forearmed son, sports three ties, which I can only interpret as a hint towards the beer in the bottle. 

Left Tie (Checkered):

This tiled tie's textiles represent the texture of this here beer. Slightly burnt bread with griddle-lines, slightly burnt taste with bitter-lines, yum.

Middle Tie (Black):

Undoubtedly hiding an unbuttoned collar bursting with Man Hair, the dark depth of this tie mirrors how much darker this beer is than your regular IPA. This beer, like your dad, has stories.

Right Tie (Falalallaa):

The protozoic design of the right tie makes more sense the more I get into this beer. As of 8oz, my best hunch is that everyone has been through their own twists and turns. More often than not, there's an interesting story behind them. You just have to ask, and try to avoid dipping your tie in your beer.

Round up (Tie Knot): 

I'm growing to like this beer more and more over time. Combinations of styles aren't always my favorite -- complexity escapes me. But this beer brings the bitter bite of hops with the lovely textures of a very malty beer together nicely, and it makes me happy.