Jedi Mind Tricks


Today's beer is Firestone Walker's Opal, a dry hopped saison/farmhouse ale. Despite the fact that I just cleaned my apartment, the scent of dry hops quickly dominated the off-brand Lysol. Much better.

The beer pours with a major crackly head (it snap crackle POPPED!), but there was very little head retention. By the time I finished typing this sentence, it was almost entirely gone. And I type with all my fingers. It pours with a rich, hazy straw color, almost exactly identical to the stripe at the bottom of the label, which is actually really cool.

Opal has strong citrus and herbal notes in the aroma. Part of what I'm smelling might be the anticipation of the carbonation lying ahead, but you can definitely tell that this beer will have a tingly mouthfeel. 

I've been sipping at it during the past few paragraphs to wait for the carbonation to die down, and it paid off. Not much of a strong malt profile, but that's perfect because this is a dry-hopped farmhouse saison and that would make absolutely no sense, so that's good! I really like the impacts of the dry-hopping. Since it's generally hard for me to approach farmhouse/saison style beers due to my inherent hop bias (which I'm hoping to wean this fall/winter), the hop character does make this a lot more approachable. The mouthfeel was overly carbonated for my taste initially, but that's what you get with a live bottle that you drink way too soon because patience is not one of your virtues, so you can only blame that on yourself and on your inability to approach new genres with an open palate.

But I digress. The beer has little-to-no head now, and is tasting better and better. I'm happy the semi-cicerone at Hop & Vine recommended this to me.  

I have two final questions:

1- What is the point of putting a seal around a bottle cap? Does it imply that the beer is live and bottle conditioned? Does it have a benefit if it is? (I'm serious - is there a reason?).

2- What does Firestone Walker mean? It just occurred to me that, taken literally, it's the label you could give to Pam from The Office, or that guy in Aladdin.