Black Gold

To whom it may concern,

I write to you from far out West, where I appear to have struck on some of Milton's Black Gold. An inscription in orange ("10") can be found on the cap, obscuring a dogfish warning label This stout beverage is almost absolutely opaque - but it is far from liquid tar. It certainly has an impact on my writing style.

The Dogfish Head World Wide Stout is beer's equivalent of the bourbon caramel sauce that you pour on ice cream. It's almost as if molasses hopped off the fence and decided to identify itself as a liquid, but fell into a barrel of diluted EverClear. 

It hangs out on the tips of my teeth and the depths of my tongue in much the same way that dark chocolate can (and should, in my opinion!). Now that I've removed some of it from the glass, the aroma has gathered some space to collect itself, and I love it. Hello, chocolate. Hello, licorice. And a new sip compels me to welcome texture - perhaps at the expense of some erstwhile bubbles.

That should be all for now. I need to focus on this beer. Wish me luck.