Solidarity, or why you should drink your beer at the right temperature.

Dear reader, a quick disclaimer: you should know that Breakside Brewery has been one of my favorite breweries for a while now. Had I not been charmed many a time by their beers (shoutout to the India Golden Ale) and burgers, I probably wouldn't have given this beer the chance to claw its way back to a temperature that it could express itself in before mercilessly tearing it apart (see here for an example).

Today, we're (the royal we, aka moi) drinking Solidarity, a Belgian Style Abbey Ale fermented in pinot noir barrels. And I'm 80% sure I poured it into the wrong glass, but I'm mostly ok with it.

However, my faith has rewarded me. This beer is yummy yummy in my tummy. Let's get the immediate stuff that you can tell from the picture out of the way. This beer has no head, a brownish color, and not that much mouthfeel or taste at colder temperatures. This beer should be served at room temperature, without air conditioning, in the fall.

Now that we're at a reasonable temperature, let's talk smells. Light, buttery rum. Wet copper (yes, I'm totally serious). Creme brulee. Something astringent, but just a little bit, and it isn't bad, so I'm sorry for bringing it up.

Let's talk tastes, son! Tastes like beer, but just barely. Most of the smells I described, but they linger more, and taste even more. But also citrus! Tangy stuff. Caramel. The texture of cherries, without the flavor. Speaking of mouthfeel, nothing crazy, just not a ton going on.

That's it! I'm going to finish this beer now.