Strains of Strand

We're lucky to have had the opportunity to try some beer from Strand Brewing Co., from Torrance, CA. Special thanks to Galen for bringing this back to us. Galen is our foreign correspondent, who is currently out scouting for more beer in Indonesia. Good luck out there in the micro-brew capital of the Far East!

Musashi is the delightful beer that we're trying today (spoiler alert!). It's a Black IPA that smells, tastes, and feels nothing like any of the several hundred beers in our proprietary database. 

This wine is characterized by a red wine motif - but not your regular Cabernet! A blackcurranty, sweet, deep, red wine. Barrel-aged notes also reign throughout, so everyone is happy all around.

The pour is dark and intriguing. It's entirely opaque. A light crown of bubbles decorate this beer. Yummy. The taste doesn't last all too long, but it's quite pleasant. Beautiful malts. 

All around, all I can say is that this is a delicious beer. I'm looking forward to what's in store the rest of this year!