Old Shoes


What's that comforting thing about old shoes? It's difficult to tell - from the feeling - if they mold themselves around your feet, or if your feet go out to fit them. Well, that uncertainty characterizes this beer.

I wouldn't have enjoyed this beer as much a few months ago. The rich, round notes (brown notes - wait, no) wouldn't have appealed to me as much. Where is the appeal in something that isn't overly hopped, saturated with chocolate, or super crispy? (In essence, why would anyone ever choose a brown ale?).

I don't have a particularly compelling answer to any of those questions. But I will say that I quite like drinking this beer. It's refreshing, stimulates my palate, and has a compelling dessert-like flavor profile without being overly sweet. It's  just a nice, end of day beer. Like slipping off a pair of shoes.

Wait, I broke my metaphor. /sips/