"Reach for a Buoy," they suggested, self-servingly.

In today's fictional story, I am at sea. The waves are crashing, and I am sans floatation devices. We don't need to explore how I got here, because it's not relevant to the beer review. 

So I'm totally adrift, and Ballast Point's Sculpin is flashing before my eyes, when I realize that the flash is actually coming from a buoy.

The audience audibly groans, realizing that it's going to be one of those reviews.

Hailing from Astoria, Oregon, Buoy Beer Co.'s aptly named IPA is a beautiful beer. It's not complex or overwhelming. It's pretty decent. I'm not kidding when I say that it has a bit of 'sea' taste to it - it's a little weird - but I don't mind it! It's refreshing, crisp, light, and I like the artwork and the city it comes from.

Also, apparently the brewery has a glass floor to it. It's like the opposite of a glass ceiling.

Ninja Edit: I just had a larger swig. Man, this is alcohol forward.