Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! (Sound of Incoming Lawsuit)

As it turns out, Bear Republic is based in Sonoma County, California. In the midst of all those vines and wineries, some people people got together and thought 'Gee, I should make some beer that's really hoppy'. And they do a really good job!

Racer 5 (V?) is one of my absolute favorite IPA's. It's amazing, has a wonderful balance, and is a little 'unfinished' in its own way, which is really endearing to me.

Racer X (today's beer) has the exact same essence as its younger sibling, but turned up to 11. Actually, I shouldn't really say that, because I think there a Racer XV, and I want to make sure I have an adequate expression for that review. Let's just tentatively say they turned it up to 7 & 2/3rds. Cool.

Delicious beer. Looks pretty cool as well. Yum!