Mortal Sin

My heart is racing. My hands are trembling. Knees weak, arms are heavy. Caffeine caffeine caffeine overdose. 

Of course, the heathen Canadiens would come up with a beer so dastardly that they'd have to warn you right on the label. Péché Mortel is Québecois for 'this beer has a lot of coffee in it'.

This beer is so freaking dark. There is so much coffee in it. It's ridiculous. If I were a part of a religion that prohibited caffeine but allowed alcohol, it would still be undrinkable. However, I want to stress that this isn't a bad beer. It's probably a pretty good beer! It's definitely a great cup of joe.

Smells like cold brew. Pours super thick - like a latte! Had barely any head to it. Lightly carbonated, but nothing to write home about.