Better Off Drank

Crux Fermentation Co.'s Better Off Red is a Barrel-Aged Flanders-Style Red Ale, which means that it's tangy and powerful and yummy. More on this later. 

The cap is covered in wax - which sometimes just means '$3 more, please!' - but, to my surprise, there's a cork hiding under it! Whoa! The beer pours out with a lot of sediment. I've learned in wine that sediment is equivalent to character, and the same appears to be true here.

At a first taste, it's a little bit flat, and not as overwhelmingly robust as I had feared (I think that I was a little intimidated by the wax, cap, and cork, sort of like Magneto's multi-layered prison in that X-Men movie). That isn't to say that it isn't delicious - and let me count the ways.


SEVEN. This is delicious for seven different reasons.

  • It smells like a sour bomb.
  • It tastes a tiny bit chalky? This is primarily a mouthfeel descriptor.
  • Bubbles are TINY.
  • The color is very mild. 
  • Not a ton of head.
  • Tastes of blackberries, the cherry taste in cherry-flavored chocolate, but not chocolate, a little bit of malt, and a TINY bit of warhead. 
  • It's Friday. I started this post off with a title that is a pun on a beer name that is a pun. How much detail did you expect? Doi!

So there you have it folks. It's a beer!