Read This Out Loud With a Mouth Full of Molasses

Wax, cap, and cork -- Round 2. Again, Crux Fermentation Project goes all out to protect their beer from being opened at a grocery store. But I can see why!

This beer is called Tough Love. It's a barrel-aged imperial stout, aged in bourbon barrels, brewed with black strap molasses and spices. It pours DARK as sin, smells like you're stuck in a molasses refinery, and drinks rich. 

It's been a hot day here, so I'm a little surprised at how much I'm enjoying this. Truly a testament to the fine work that those fine folks are doing. I'd write more about it, but I'm mostly enjoying drinking it. I suggest you drive your little butt down to Bend and buy a bottle from the brewery. Sure, it might be available closer-by, but it's a nice drive and it's definitely worth hanging out in their outdoor area. Tip generously.