a bit of choklat

hello readers.

today we are having a nice glass of choklat which is an imperial stout made by southern tier brewing. im having a blast drinking it and i think you should too.

first things first. just as youd expect from an imperial stout this pours without head. there are no bubbles so i dont want you to pour this expecting that and then you be disappointed.

but that would be a stupid thing to be disappointed about. because this beer is legit good and really why are you judging a beer based on its head anyway. thats not how that works. 

what does it taste like you ask. oh what a great question. lets dive into it. jk. first what does it smell like. it smells like beer but different. like chocolate and alcohol.

what does it taste like you ask the second time. this time you seemed to be a little less interested in it. ok i give up heres the secret. it tastes pretty good. its light with crispy little bubbles which is cute. chocolate on the front end, vanilla throughout and it ends with swirls of grocery store vanilla raspberry cake.

those are the descriptors. its fairly yummy. i wouldnt drink it if its any warmer than fairly brisk outside. 

if you want another opinion you can talk to lily.  she is not allowed to drink it because of the chocolate and is therefore really disappointed. but she could probably talk about the smell pretty well.