Devil's Krazy Kriek

Double Mountain is one of my favorite breweries. I live close enough to the SE location that I can spend too much money on pizza rather often, so I'm quite happy about that.

The Devil's Kriek is a #dope beer. I love it to death. This is the 2014 version. It is a Belgian-style Sour Ale, brewed with cherries and a whole bunch of love. I can't drink this kind of beer on a daily basis -- for financial and palate reasons -- but I can't recommend it enough. It doesn't have any head, comes out a reddish/copper color, and has a mildly sticky mouthfeel. It smells tart-er than a hussie in Victorian England. Tastes yummier than most of the beers I've previously described on this blog. I'm a huge fan. 

Sticking your nose in it feels like inhaling a bunch of old, rotten, yummy yummy cherries, but not in a bad way.