Salud, salaud.

It's really important that you know this isn't a lager. I'm going to throw a lot of words at you in a bit. Dry-hopped. Pinot noir. Bacteria. The farmhouse at the beginning of Westworld. Smith Rock. This beer is none of those things. But before I get into too many descriptors -- all aboard along this gastronomic voyage -- here's a cute little picture of a cute little beer.

Breakside - Bon Vivant, feat. Smith Rock Ascent

If you're used to swimming in the ocean/sea -- this beer will make you feel like you've just dived into a river/lake. There's a lot of the same (rapid temperature change, you're wet, something's touching your foot), but something's off

"This is going to be so much fun." - Girlfriend

In this case it's a feature, not a bug. The pinot noir and brettanomyces (not sure if that's right) give this its own personality. I'm really digging it. It's also a gorgeous beer. Even though this stylistic pastiche is far from the boring PNW IPAs I dump inside me on the reg., I feel like I could add it to the rotation. In fact, drinking it more would probably make me better at describing it.

Keep knocking it out of the park, Breakside!