Nihilism: A Beer

There's a saying about the weather in Portland. It's quite nice.

if you don't like it, just wait a minute. 

Well, I can conclusively tell you that the saying is BS. I've spent 40 days in this Noah's Ark hellscape, understanding what the legal difference between water-resistant and waterproof are. Move to Portland, they said. It rains a lot but you get used to it, they said.

One day the sun shall return, and we'll all wear tank tops and go outside. In the interim, however there is The Nothing. The what, you ask? 

The Nothing.

The Nothing

The Nothing

"Describe the beer," you ask?

Fine. It's really rich. It is DARK as sin. Not sure what this 2x Chocolate idea means -- this is clearly a ruse. They meant 2^2 (dark) chocolate. YUM.

This beer makes you happy and forget the weather outside. Ignore the name of the brewery -- unless you live in L.A., it doesn't necessarily mean that you're more susceptible to any of the diseases originating from smog/pollution that kill millions of people every year. And if you do live in LA -- drink up! This stuff is GOOD.