Okay so.. MOAR CH33Z

In the last two months that I have been so painfully absent, my life has been cheesed out. Frans took me to the Cheese Bar in Mt. Tabor, check it out here: http://cheese-bar.com/.  Soops knowledgable staff, down to talk about any and all of their cheeses. And favorites and recommendations. Good place. In the meantime, goodness has come in the form of two new friends:

  1. Anton's Red Love from Germany - made from cow's milk, this was some SMELLY smell goodness. Stubbled beige rind with creamy mc-cream getting oozy with me, this cheese was quite the diva. It really hit my nose with some cray ammonia, but the cheese itself was so strawng that it just helped paint this picture of strong badass cheese man. Looking for a stronger cousin to brie, check this b out. On the left in the photo.
  2. Cabricharme from Belgium - a raw goat cheese, nutty and gouda-like and completely not as offensive as the underarm it olfactorily portrayed itself as. I can see cabricharme putting off some timid cheese eaters, but don't be afraid! It was buttery and had a strong, well-rounded taste. Great consistency, reminded me of havarti. Go out to your nearest cheese monger and demand they represent the outstanding world of Belgium!

Holler at this cheese, hopefully I can make some better updates soon because my life needs cheese cataloging!