Goût de UP/Really just Humboldt Fog

Not that I think my university campus has a ecologically-determined taste of its own, but I thought it would be interesting to talk about the "goût de University of Portland" anyway. The "goût" of a place is the taste of that location - mineral content of soil, acidity of rain, anything that affects anything. And its funny that I just found this draft after having started it two months ago... Sorry goût, but I'll have to come back to you. I was going to write about how the cheese taste here at UP is limited to the Tillamook cheese plattas and limited (albeit fun as f) sandwich cheeses. What I'm going to talk briefly now is Humboldt Fog chèvre, or HUMBOLDT FXXXN FAWG as I refer to it in the familiar. I bought this beauty over spring break and was so happy with myself to find it after lit-rally months of searching. I stumbled upon it in the Fremont PCC (great cheese selection, I do say!) and had such a bf when I saw that characteristic ash layer mmmmmmhmmm. Humboldt Fog is fantarstic because it has this thin thin ever so thin layer of hazelnut ash in the middle, and it adds this really subtle ''I don't really know what" taste. The cheese itself was fruity and tangy, a really nice chèvre. We ate it wiff some multigrain wafer crackers but really I could have snarfed le cheese by isself no prob. Everyone: go to your nearest whatever store and by a wee wedge of some humboldt, you won't regret it.