Thursday aft cheese breaks

This year I've rill come to understand the ebb and flow of the week - Monday, although a beginning, can't be counted on for anything; Tuesday is hard because it's the second day of working hard and its still an uphill battle; Wednesday is hump-day and easily my favorite non-Friday weekday of the week because it's the day you know you're not stuck in eternal mon/tues-dom; Thursday is like Tuesday but sunny and cheery because of the promise of Friday the next day; and Friday is FRIDAY and this is unconditionally a little exciting, but can either be a low- or high-energy because you've been working all week and are toats grinded OR are jazzed by the potential of the weekend. So when it's Thursday afternoon and the sun is shining and friends are in town, what can you do but shirk hella and have a smorgasbord of cheeses from New Seasons? (Such a great preceding sentence... so much happiness in so many phrases) I picked up a wedges of Langres, Mahón, and Bleu d'Auvergne (and got to sample some dank Chèvre on the way out; 3 samples, one with an herb crust, one with a paprika crust, and one with a pepper crust - all so good but the paprika was exciting and matched the really clean tang of the Chèvre).

So whoops I uploaded the picture upside down, but now the rinds are a center of focus! The Mahòn on top (orange rind) was the unanimous favorite with a really crowd-pleasing taste. It was semi-firm and had some buttery notes and a little little little hint of bitterness at the end. It seemed to me like it belonged on a crusty sandwich with roast beef and a really sweet dijon. The Langres with the yellow, brainy-looking rind was supa creamy and begged to be spread all over our wonderment-stuffed baguette. It was strong most derf and we noticed that somehow its flavors came together in this really heady rush of a white wine. Langres, for me, was one of those knock your socks out of the ballpark with 1 bite, but that means there aren't many more bites because you already lost your socks. I say this with complete respect for the cheese, and mean that it's really just a whopper. Serve a couple slices of it on a cheese plate and give le guests a morsel of what cheese can BE. The Bleu, last but not least because none of these cheeses are "least" cheeses, was the most surprising. I've had my very fair share of blue cheeses in my life and I've developed my set of expectations for blue tasting. The Bleu d'Auvergne was obviously then outside of the box of my expectations. I cut into it, and had my eyes been closed, I would have sworn it was a triple-creme something, not a very fuzzy blue (even green) fromage of sorts. I really enjoyed it because the mold pockets seemed to be completely integrated into the body of the cheese. This blue wasn't oversalty or too heady as I find many blues. If I were to play God and make it in a blender, I would throw in 4 parts soft Brie, 1 part bleu something. It was a really nice treat and showed me that names and categories don't mean that much until you try a cheese and understand the context behind the categorization. Happy cheesing :)