Summer tyme cheezin

I always know I need to write something about mai love when I can feel my LDL levels going back to healthy and happy. Lately I've been overwhelmed with the amount of literature, film, and "expert" testimony calling for the Western diet to abandon dairy. Humans are the only animals who continue to drink milk after childhood, and certainly the only animals to consistently drink the milk of other animals. In the 1950's, milk was called the "perfect food" because of the high levels of protein, vitamins and nutrients. However, it's really only a perfect food during infancy when we really need an overload of fat and protein that's found in milk. AKA the continued presence of dairy in our diets is leading to heart disease, stroke, etc etc everything bad. And really this is completely true, but I say nay to the anti-dairyists. It's a simple enough matter to spell dairy m-o-d-e-r-a-t-i-o-n, letting one enjoy the mmhmm so good of dairy everything and still not have cholesterol off the charts. Even if drinking and using the milk of other mammals is fundamentally really weird, the end products are just too groovy and transformative to live without. In a world without dairy products, people would get on. But the second someone introduced some casein + rennet, the world would change. And it did change! We all love dairy! Luxuries are things we love, and as long as people recognize that cheese and dairy just cant be every single meal, America can be healthy again. Such as yes the Mediterranean diet has feta out the hoohah and the Greeks aren't dropping dead like 1600 times a day from heart attacks. Bottom line, people stop killing your bodies! I propose making everyone right about their cheese after they eat it (harhar). It's too good to forgo, so errbody gon realize how miraculous it is. And how miraculous they should keep their bodies. I ate this chèvre when I was in Montreal and it was danky wankkkkkkk. I forgot the name though... Starts with an s and I think it was french sounding. My family loves it and they buy it all the time, so it was fantastic to have that treat when I visited. Per you can see, it's ash-rubbed and that neutralizes acids and lets the cheese age and firm up. It had a great fluffy texture and had a great combo with kalamata-basil bread baked by my auntie. If someday I remember the name I'll be sure to let everyone know because I'm also sure that everyone is dying to know. and and and until next time! I'm hoping that the summer farma markets are gonna have some good fromage blanc/creme fraiche/something fresh and refreshingggggg. Happy adventures!