Sad sad realizations

Summer is beautiful, but I have come to know dat rennet and lactose are not things that my body is tryna get during the months of May, June, July, and August. I wanted to eat cheese allll during my free time dis summ but NEVER WAS CHEEZ DA HAPPIEST FOR ME! However this is except for ricotta and chèvre, because those kinda fromadjes are light, cold, saladable, spreadable, and can be flavored with peppers. So really all I did this summer was eat goat cheez in pashtas and light summa fayer. My older sister claire brought home cambazola one night and we finished a round and DIDNT EVEN REGRET IT. She lives in Seattle and thinks that every time she drives to our house it is necessary to stop at Pike Place and go to Beecher's Flagship/any other cheese shop in the area,,,,, and I am totally okay with that. Probably two years ago in food&wine there was an article with a woman named marcia who convinced me/the whole world to the ease and allure of home-made ricotta. I was skeptix, but after actually reading the article IT REALLY IS SO EASY. and so rewarding, so creamy, so simple, and so under represented in the world! As a child, I could palate any cheese except ricotta. So lasagne could never be ricottaed for me :( So back to present, I don't actually remember the procedure for whippin up some o dat home mayde ricky but it's on my list of things to do within the next month. and when I do I'll post dem pick a licks. So here's to a year of cheezin advenches in da great land of the PDX. Cheers to every fromagerie and dairy farm in the world; nothing would be the same widdoutcha!