Chaource and Quatre-fromage dominos

This is what, the second post in like not a long time, but i still feel guiltz because there is so much cheese that the world needs to know about that I've been eating and not giving it the coverage it deserves :( K but also this cheese called chaource is the most surprising dairy product dat I've had in france. O course reblochon is still a fave (and I had rill good reb/butter/tomato sandwiches for lunch this week) but this whole chaource thing def gets a shout out.

I had friends over for a "before" and Maman served up a storm of goodness (beet salad, green salad, pain paysan, quiche lorraine, tartes aux pommes) that included a loaded cheese course. We nommed on a chevre log that was good like all chevre and this round of chaource that looked to me like a chevre (think bucheron or humboldt fog). Chaource is eaten young, soft, and melty-in-the-mouth like what the best krispy kreme doughnut should do. It's also a cow's cheese (vache yeah!) and surprised me because it was just so FRESH tasting. The affinage (aging process) is only a couple weeks, so this bebe is like a french pre-tween. Creamy, a leetle tangy, lightly salted, and references of delicate brie. Let me repeat: Creamy, a leetle tangy, lightly salted, and references of delicate brie. Whaaaaat??? Essentially the showstopper at dinner. All the friends nommed good on it and liked it as well, meaning that next time we have cheese party monsieur le chaource will be a VIP.

And then last night MEGA LOL I manged at home with sister Coralie and we had a dominos night. Pizzas were quatre fromage and le cannibal. Le cannibal is striking because its called the cannibal (?? france ??) but twas delish: bbq sauce, merguez, chicken sausage, and leetle boeuf patties. Quatre fromage was like less good but any pizza that has brie, bleu cheese, chevre, and some kind of cheddar is def kk in my book. There were siiiiizable chunkies of cheese so every other bite was like "guess what dairy product you're eating now" and cheese lovers would have a fun time widdit. Eating the quatre fromage with a blindfold would be a little terrifying because when you expect brie and get bleu like wow but good party game. Conclusion, Dominos is good everywhere in the world (not that we didnt already know that Sydney :p )