cheese is taste and taste is goût but not the illness

Cheese here is culture. I watched a news thing about carnival in rio and all the floats and colors and feathers seemed superfluous and trop trop trop UNTIL realizing that's enjoyment, pride, culture, history, meaning, passion (although i h8 when people talk about passions aka passions are fine themselves but not when biddies say "i'm passionate about ...." aka also hope that makes sense to my generation), community, group identity, and importance all in one setting. For example such as cheese in france. Every night anne daniel and brett have cheese course after plat principal and the cheese ees new about every 3 days mebs 4. They eat like that because anne and daniel want to show brett that there is much much much to learn about fraaaance même que its just one country. And I'm so agreed! The cheeses that come from all over and are different/very different/subtly different occur like that because of the different grasses, herbs, soil composition, climate, farmer philosophy, bread types, animal producing milk, amount of sunlight, cave structure, length of affinage, blah blah SO MUCH DETAIL and history that goes into all da cheese. Sometimes daniel tells me about how this or that cheese was the oldest in france or this cheese is only just recently available outside of a specific region because its just getting pop you lar. People need something to be proud of and its hitting me so apparently that 1) the french have much to be proud of 2) cheese is a good thing to be proud of 3) the french are proud of their cheese 4) because it shows how one culture can be refined and refined and twerked to infinity = hundreds and hundreds of cheeses. creamy orange liquid camembert

For example: saint félicien! Here we have a surprise that comes in a wooden basket. This is en fait tentation de saint félicien, more rare and astonishing. Its double crème, so yum but beware because double crème does not mean mild lame wet towel pedestrian everyday or predictable. Rather this is salty, strong, spreadable, and could be substituted for butter because its 70% fat so like almost just all fat. I was scurred by the tentation and found it too strong for my buddies however I'm still on the upswing from creating my new french intestines so we'll have to revisit TdSF encore in the future. For the moment, its good to know that something like this exists because who ever thought you could spoon out a cheese with a teaspoon. Or watch cheese drip off of your mouth before you realize its dripping out of your mouth lol wut that happened.

Et the next one! Then my people bought something called pont l'évêque and I said not mad thank you lets eat!!!!11!! Below we see our nice square of P l'E aboard my cheese platter from seattle (you're welcome lopins). pontlevequeIts a soft cheese, cows milk, affinaged like minimum 2 weeks so we are a young fromage indeed. I think ours was in fact a little older because as one can clearly see that is not a white white white rind, moreso a white yellow (jaunâtre haha) orange rind. In this case, I tasted camembert x rancid cauliflower. Again, omg too strong for brett to love but it was a learning experience. Moi asked daniel about why I was tasting rancid cauliflower and he said something maybe the cows were eating cauliflower but moi i think plutôt the cheese was just old strong fort annoyed. Like if roald dahl were personifying this morsel of cheese it would be a dour/sour old woman who eats asparagus and has cats aka consequently scents of too much vegetables/kittens/and mothballs. And sourness. Pont l'évêque thank you but like no thank you next. And happily enough i think my people were tired of my having too weak palate so the next was a return to isigny st mere camembert which i j'adore j'adore. bretthappyy

Evidently je l'adore vachement, thanks to holly for the documentation bcz proof or it didnt exist right??? You can see da morceau of cheese in my fingers, so happy and thankfully lacking ammonia odors because we let it breathe long enough to dispell that nonsense. Camembert: creamy, round, bloomy, essential, always welcome in my kitchen, not that easy to find a good one in the united states, that which the world should not be afraid of. Thank you good night sleep well