One time I ate every cheese

A weekend ago I had a picnic in a castle's ramparts with friends, rosé, red wine, homemade quiche, veggie appetizers, and 2 cheese friends. I wanted to write about them but I waited (maybe foolishly) until 5 days and 3 cheese later. Maybe bad idea but picnic = not bad idea and too much cheese in a blog post = not possible. So lets get down to business chronologically. First off, we have our new acquaintance and close friend Brillat-Savarin. Take a good looksie. brillatsavarinBrainy and veiny, would someone choose to eat dis normalement? Answer= yes I would and yes i did. With an inside whiter than the outside (tankfurry..), I had feelings of velvety dryness, sensations of holistic mold, and a supportive tang to the taste. I would even dare to say that my tongue found a hint of fish curry in the B.S (haha). Maybe even some peanuts to go along with the thai theme! Overall a yum. Maketh the tasteth budeth happeth.

then next we tried iddle biddle baby Crottin des Alpines. crottindesalpinesOmg brainy and veiny again! Quelle coincidence! But this goat cheese was a different creature entirely. I asked for the "moelleux" instead of "plus sec" so our relatively young C.d.A was moist and yielding. Cutting through the rind was intensely facile, and my mouth brought to mind savory definitions, goaty origins, and feelings of frozen velour. Not your errday chèvre by any means. There are plusieurs types de Crottin so if you spot an opportunity to taste, by all means get that! But make sure you talk well with your cheesemonger before to figure out what your tastes gon be like. Or just have a surprise but still talk with your cheesemonger to 1) talk with a cheesemonger 2) talk about crottin 3) make sure that you're getting some good dank

And then there was the rocamadour. Soft, ingratiating, goaty, and multi-textured, we had first the rocamadour in a dish called aumonières that you see here regaling on a plateaumoniere in the dining room all wrapped up in pâte brisée and just a lil brulée-d. All tressed in ham and wrapper, I got a gooey ooey dinner taste. And then o la vache I had a wedgy of rocamadour after the deeenner. Below I think you can see bien a round of rocamadour (so coot and lil ri8???) and then its counterpart rocamadourof partly eaten. I had equally rocamadourcutgood times with each. So jenky of design status but I'm not a wordpress master ehhhh but sorry you'll have to guess what exactly im talking bout.

Then nexttt we have chèvre au mangue but I'm not gonna write bout dat bcuz its just creamy mmm with mangos and tropical fruits such as passion fruit all lined up around dat cremeux exterior. Good simple crowd pleaser without selling out - not easy to do. And then enfin we have the St. Félicien round 2. Still as creamy and droopy as before, still in a cute little wooden hamper, but this time around I have a whole new philosophy of cheese which is eat as much as you need to detect all the nuances and complexities of what exact dairy product you are sensing. And i mean exact as in respect the varieties in production and instruct your palate in what you think hope know you are tasting. stfelicienstcolombeMan brainy again! We are all about brainy cheese this post. But once you cut into dat gyri-filled rind you are rewarded with a supple nest of aged cream. Distant, pungent, coulante, and so close to a jar of cream, this St. Félicien is not to be taken lightly. Aged to youth, packaged up, and sent to my house, the SF gave my taste buds and mouth sensors a roller coaster in how the heck is there so much flavor in a protein-bound liquid? INEXPLICABLE. Talk to you next time.