Hometown America

This weekend passed in a blur of hugs, iced tea, various meat entrées, coffee iterations, long-lost friends, farmer's markets, and good old portland charm. The sun came out, chalk-drawings were on the menu for saturday night, and late-night eggs-in-a-nest was definitely a thing. Best part of the weekend: I found a job at a local creamery! I shall be representing a small, fledgling chèvre-based creamery that has some wildly pure products. My favorite was just the baseline chèvre (fresh, tangy, spreadable, unassuming like ricotta but significant like pecorino-romano) dipped in salted caramel.... Talk about decadence like omg. Immediately the idea of an ice cream flavor of goat cheese and caramel came to my mind and to my greatest delight it already exists! Salt & Straw, a portland ice cream boutique (so silly/so good) does a version using the chèvre from the new creamery! Anyway portland is as happy, grassroots, and welcoming as ever and it shall be an amazing year.