Father's Day french/cheese style


Sometimes it is a sunday and sometimes it is father's day and sometimes you have just recently returned from france and sometimes your father takes you to the wine superstore and cheese monger and then when all of these sometimes have occurred you have a beautiful blog post to write. So this day we visited Total Wine superstore (so huge, so expansive, so tempting, so prolific) and picked up two muscadets, a côte du rhône, a crément, a bordeaux, and a fresh washington rosé. With and after this selection we decided on a west coast fun chèvre and a thrilling leaf-wrapped blue. Hence there are things to be read.

First we have the Valdéon blue: cow and goat's milk cheese. Spanish, striking, and not young. Hence.

valdeon blue

The first thing I noticed of this cheese was the leaf-wrapped rind. Upon further research I see that it is wrapped in sycamore leaves which I understand impart a flavor compound. Biting into the cheese provides an uncannily sweet, creamy, striking, and granular initial taste. Further eatings demonstrate smokiness, nutty aftertastes, and fungal airs. The smoothness and cream nature of the valdeon were surprising and I heartily enjoyed them. I had been used to a biting blue aftertaste but this pungent moldiness, although apparent, has no degrees of pain associated with them. Conclusion: spain you got some good cheeses mang!

Then 2nd course finds our "west coast fun chèvre" that is actually a Cypress Grove purple haze varietal. Look!

cgppFennel pollen, lavender, and sea salt are creatively imbued here to create a tension between pure, unadulterated, velvety chèvre and the powerhouses of lavender and fennel that result in a piney, exotic, tangy, HIGHLY spreadable taste feeling. Sumpin I rill enjoy are the vivacious lavender kernels that can be seen on the outside of the cheese. I rarely find whole lavender blossoms as most producers of lavender thangs prefer to use an oil or some sort of extract. The presence of lavender here adds a texture element that really makes me stop and think about what makes up this cheese. Also it reminds me of the Lavender Festival (July 19-21, http://www.lavenderfestival.com/) because it is so thrilling and uncommon that food producers are able to incorporate the entire lavender taste into their products. Kudos to you, cypress grove.

Another conclusion: America has ver good cheese and I thank capitalism (omg) that we can get good, artisan cheese nationwide. Until next time!