Albuminous return of crottin

3 months of no artisan cheese cravings has demonstrated to me that I don't like to have to look long and hard for good farmstead cheese (which shouldn't be a prob here in oregon but I lazy hence no farmers markets d'habitude for me) and I don't like paying $7 for one stinkin st. marcellin round. Thankfully, when your best friend's mama takes you and the gang out for sunday lunner at one of Portland's best (holler at Produce Row Café!) and orders the cheese plate for the table, well that's when you put on the figurative turophile gloves and dig in to what appears to be a nice, delicate plating of a garlicky soft washed rind cow's milk creation (Cow Girl Creamery I b'lieve), some nice young pecorino, and a sliced crottin that was courteously identified to me by our server as "ottentique," which seems to be a crottin produced by Juniper Grove farms here in Oregon. Unfortunately Google told me that accessing their web page would result in attack by malicious software and expose my computer to risks so I just had to go off of the preview in the search engine. Regardless, MIAM MIAM. Check it out: Image


The ottentique had a marvelous creamy pâte and and velvety consistency after some mashing. It had a vestige of that butter-on-top-of-jam/syrup-on-mistake taste that I still have no other words for. Not as piquant or puzzling as the San Juan's Quail Croft crottin, but still with the nutty green root vegetable non-bitterness. There was some crystallization as well, and the savory crystals did some good on the palate. Such good.