Tomme crayyyyeuse

End of exams + quebecoise grandmother with 20% cheese coupon + no plans on a Saturday morning = hit up dat local grocer and see what funky goods he's slingin! We  stumbled upon this exciting and relatively new addition to the cheese world, TOMME CRAYEUSE! 


You see a marvelous granited croûte with all sorts of ochre-charcoal-egg yolk yellow-foggy white and that says to me "dang that cheese had some adventures while it was affiner-ing!" Crayeuse means chalky, and ideally the interior pâte has a dryer, more crumbly consistency than the exterior and croûte, but ours was relatively just creamy and runny so I hazard a guess that poor Tomme was waiting in the cheese case for a couple of days before we stumbled upon it. Not a big deal because we still got tastes of damp earth, salty cream, wisdom and age. Paired with a 2010 duck pond Pinot noir, lil' Tomme went down like a dream!