Razor-edged farmhouse cheddar

I've been on a bit of a Jacobs Creamery kick lately and absolutely 10/10 100% my daily cheese consumption hasn't been so on the reg since I realized I was lactose intolerant. The best part of having dank gouda, dank cheddar, dank butter, dank hard cheeses is that my grilled cheese/mornay sauce game has been ON POINT and all that is different is handcrafted cheese vs. Tillamook blocks (not to knock down the T-mook whatsoever). Like the title suggests, this latest cheese from Jacobs is so sharp it pierces. So sharp it changes the rules of what cheddar is allowed to do. So sharp that when you buy it you'll have to prepare yourself for what could be the most inconspicuously dressed paragon of piquant that you've seen since Rogue Creamery started up business. Le voilà, Jacobs Creamery farmhouse cheddar: 

Dangerously yielding, piquantly sharp, sweetly wizened dairy, the occasional tyrosine crystal. This is a cheddar with one overpowering id that would raise finely plucked eyebrows at a respectable soirée when mistaken for a "white" cheddar (which is also not a real thing and the worst American misnomer that could ever be).