Bathed in Victory from The Farm at Doe Run (Coatesville, PA) – raw cow’s milk washed in Victory Brewing Co. Storm King Imperial Stout aged 2-3 months

Always a fan of beer-washed raw milk cheeses (give me the robiola, give me the Winnimere), I was thrilled to see this at the market the other day. Unwrapping my cheese, I decided the beer-washed exterior to be of “bandaid” or “Jennie-o turkey loaf” brown. No pungencies or threats were wafting my way when I brought it to my nose – a surprisingly contained cheese, despite the raw milk and washing. I admired the firm pâte as I cut through the cheese, and enjoyed the wonderful hay color that darkened and opacified closer to the rind. FINALLY tasting the BiV, I noticed first a bright, clean, vegetal taste followed by a lasting subtle, round bitterness and suggestion of pineapple. All in all an unassuming and well-balanced product, a meatier alternative to any young, pressed alpine cheeses.