Day tripping amongst some rolling Shenandoah hills several weeks ago, I stopped at Castle Hill Cider for what was to be a quick cider of the month pickup - 9 tastings later, I sat down to a bottle of delicious, bone-dry still cider and cheese plate accompaniment. Needless to say, I was *well primed* to gustatorily approach a novel cheese experience. Our plate came with two cheeses, and I'll bloviate here about the cloud on the left, the Caromont Farmstead Chevre.

A veritable pillow of time, living cultures, and goat's milk, the Caromont spread around my mouth with an arrestingly homogenous mouthfeel - I am reminded of the joy that comes from that sublime first bite of homemade ricotta. The chevre only sits overnight during production, so apart from making cheese in your kitchen, this is one of the closest expressions of processed dairy one can be lucky enough to interact with. Aerating and smacking my lips, I was treated to a procession (symphony??) of subtle and disparate tastes: creamy pine nut, bright neufchatel, lactic violet tang, and salted butter. All that was left after the dissipation of this sinusoid expression of flavor was a clean palate, ready for MORE CIDER AND MORE CHEVRE!