A cheese for all (holiday cheese platter) seasons

Hey cheese lovers – it’s the holidays, and hopefully your cheese intake has increased *dramatically* since December 1st. To commemorate the steep incline in the consumption of value-added dairy products, we tried a marvelous peppered farmhouse cheese from Twin Sisters Creamery out of Ferndale, WA.


Their Whatcom White with whole peppercorns can be that crucial anchor for your NYE cheese plate – a familiar firm cheddar tang with the added frivolity of fruity peppercorns. At first, you’ll experience a smooth, buttery mouthfeel and piquant dairy. When the pepper hits, there is a nice progression from a tannic juniper savor to a pleasant heated buzz and lingering aromatics. The peppered Whatcom White comes on bright, stays strong, and leaves a dulcet hint of subdued, meaty pepper.

This cheese would also be wonderful to cook with – melt it down in a béchamel, grate it over baked vegetables, mix it into savory scones! I like that this is a well-balanced cheese from a local producer and hope to see more from Twin Sisters in the future.